How a Felt Critter takes shape!  

 Creating a Critter usually starts
with pipe cleaners!
I use a dense raw wool fiber for this.
A frame or skeleton is made using
5 -6 pipe cleaners then wool fiber is
wrapped and needled around the frame
 The body and limbs are built up over
several layers - needling each layer in between wrapping the next around.
 Tail, limbs, feet, jaw shapes are all
added and needled into shape
 Now I can start to wrap the final colored coat around the body. I am using a mixture of purple merino and silk fiber which gives a lovely soft and shiny texture
 Now you can see the Din's head, jaw, mouth, nostrils,  taking shape
Next I add additional colors in merino for his eyes, nose, mouth and these are needled into position
 Lastly I used a contrast merino fiber to create a belly andaccented it with strands of the purple fiber
   Voila one Dinosaur!