New Designers - London - "Prehistoric style" Kids Felted outfits on the Cat Walk 2001


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New Designers is the longest running and leading design showcase in the country and we remain determined to champion and support the UK grassroots design sector. 

This year is its 38th anniversary and will bring together 200 flagship university design courses who will be showcasing the country’s finest design students.

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over a period of 6 months Six outfits were designed, dyed, printed, sewn, created and put on stage for the New Designers Show in London UK 2001.
Hats, mittens, pants, skirts, jackets, tops, boots, belts, purses all created and on the day hair designs were put together
by John Frieda of Frieda Hair Products.

Each individual design was named after its young model - these 6th graders experienced a day like no other when they (after extensive rehearsals) journeyed 150 miles to Central London from their homes, to take part in this amazing event. 

(left to right)
Robyn, Rosie, Jessica, Chantelle (hiding) Georgina and Tikka

Pencil drawing of Robyn

Tikka, Robyn and Jessica - Hats!

Rosie, Georgina and Chantelle


On the Cat Walk!

Robyn and Georgina at the front

Chantelle and Jessica in the background

Rosie on the Cat Walk

Dress Rehearsal Group Huddle