My Passion with Felt started and culminates with an equal passion for also the ancient art of the prehistoric caves of France and Northern Spain. I have visited several of the caves in France and even wrote my College thesis on them.  Cave Art Felt Hangings are created on a commission basis and are all totally individual and unique.  The dimensions of of these hangings range between 20" x 28"  (55cm - 64cm) and 24" x 48" (60cm - 120cm). They can be larger or smaller depending on the commission/order.   Commissions of this size take up to 8 weeks and pricing and delivery are quoted individually.
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     Scroll down for larger image of the Bison
These are created felted Wall Hangings inspired by the Paleolithic Caves of France and Northern Spain    
Top left is taken from the painted bull of Lascaux Caves.  The close up of the bison is from Altmira in Northern Spain
Below from left to right is "Chinese Horse,  African Antelopes,  Photograph of bull from the Lascaux Cave of France

This wall hanging depicting one of the bison from the Caves of Altimira in Northern Spain is 30" x 20" (80cm - 54cm) approx in size