Welcome...to Felt Like Fun  

This website is all about Felt and having Fun with it!

One of the most ancient textiles in the world. It can be made in a variety of ways and methods -(from the hot wash shrunken woolen sweater to exquisite needle felting sculpture and more).

Lindy has over 30 years of experience with textiles and design. Taking her from the Young Designers show - London - to France - and finally to Michigan USA where she lives and works as a Web Developer for Abadata Computer Corporation.

For Demonstrations or community/school visit please call Lindy for any further information. Or if you have any questions about felt or booking a class email Lindy Wineman.


Felt is amazing stuff. It's unspun wool, sometimes uncarded, sometimes knitted and then shrunk! It's warm, it's fun it's versatile and anyone can have a go!
Felt is fun- to PLAY WITH, to make, to use in so many ways! Find out more and Click here to email me    


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